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I think…” “I’m not sure but…” “From what I can see…

The top three phrases that drive me nuts!

And the top three phrases that tell me someone is winging it as it pertains to having real data answers to difficult talent questions a CEO like me might ask.

HR types…it is time to be the strategic change agent your CEO wants you to be!

And that requires real data.


As large companies race to harness the benefits of Big Data in their business deploying analytics and new measurements, HR types are under constant assault by consultants and business pundits to embrace the use of BIG DATA to become more strategic.

All fine and good as time and budgets begin to allow HR leaders to utilize this, but what about starting at a readily available place with meaningful data on critical talent NOW? Can we just do that, at least as a starting place? Could we not start an HR strategic revolution with little data?

In this context little data means the ability to use deeper individual data to make better strategic decisions about a person’s “FIT” their “PROMOTABILITY” and how to better deploy their “STRENGTHS” and develop their “LEADERSHIP” skill set.

This kind of little data actually is a powerful way to build your credibility in the eyes of CEO’s who want a true STRATEGIC TALENT leader in the top HR seat in their organization. And unlike big data, little data is much easier to get, costs a ton less to institutionalize, and is a very easy way to begin the journey towards making HR actually strategic.


All it takes to move down the “little data” road of strategic talent data is the ability to match these three major data points to critical talent in your organization:

  1. Their desires and preferences for their future
  2. Who they are
  3. How intelligent they are

No, seriously, that’s it.

Here’s how…

What does this person really want?

Measuring the desires and actual preferences a high talent person in your organization has around important things like:

  • Work Context
  • Work unit culture
  • Work Life Balance
  • Pace of work
  • Level of Direct Report Responsibility
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Mobility
  • Development Opportunities

And other high leverage data points like this is an absolutely critical starting place to speak and act strategically about talent in your organization. Whether you use it to make better decisions about an initial hire or to determine promotability it is must know data! AND the real beauty is…it is very measurable.

Who is this person and what do they know?

Measuring who top talent really is as it pertains to their Experiences, Competency Profile, Personality, and Background is critical data and should be more than a gut feeling or a passing discussion. All of this is measurable and all of it can be matched to determine fit as a new hire or a move to a new role.

How smart are they really?

Measuring Cognitive Ability around Numeric Aptitude and Abstract Reasoning is still the best predictor of a person’s ability to be successful in a job. EQ is important, but IQ is critical especially as it pertains to the high skill or strategic leadership roles in your organization. The good news is this also is measurable. The bad news is many companies choose not to use cognitive ability as an important measure of future success when evaluating FIT for a critical role.


So in the new world of BIG DATA, we believe HR leaders can grow strong credibility as strategic talent guru’s in their organization by keeping this simple “little data” formula in mind…

P + EQ + IQ = FIT
(Preferences + EQ + IQ = FIT)

OMNIview makes HR leaders rock stars around data! Let us show you how!

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